Kyle Busch Plus Formula One Equals U.S. Winner!

John LucreziContributor IMay 20, 2008

When I learned at All-Star weekend in Charlotte that I was going to interview Kyle Busch, I thought, "What do I ask him?"

So, I went to a media deal inside the track just to hear what the "big" reporters were asking him and to my surprise, F1 came up.

Kyle said, "We're working on a test session right now at the end of November or beginning of December sometime going to Japan and doing a little exhibition sort of deal and see what it's like.”

I thought immediately that he's on to something. Kyle is a young driver that has a natural driving ability; he has proven that in every NASCAR series in his career; and this year he has won in every series, proving he is the man to beat weekend to weekend.

Kyle stated that he would plan to drive NASCAR until he is 30 and then make a switch, possibly to Toyota's F1 program. Busch did say that Toyota's program though still is in need of a lot of help and a driver himself is not going to just kick start the program.

Toyota is not necessarily one of those companies at the moment that is like Ferrari or McLaren or Renault was a couple years ago,” Busch said. “It would take—I don't think it is just a driver to put in the seat to make it go. You need a little bit more of a car.”

So there you have something I have hoped would happen for a while: a NASCAR driver moving over to F1 to compete. Remember, other NASCAR drivers have driven F1 cars successfully in the past, only three years ago at Indy, Jeff Gordon tested Juan Pablo's McLaren and posted top 10 qualifying laps, so this can be done. What a character "Rowdy" would make over in F1!