Tommy Burns Funeral

XXX XXXSenior Writer IMay 20, 2008

I have just watched the moving pictures from Tommy Burns' funeral in Glasgow.

The scenes brought home so much more of the man.

The image of Rangers manager Walter Smith as well as Rangers coach Ally McCoist carrying out his coffin along with former Celtic players Danny McGrain, Pat Bonnar and Peter Grant was very touching.

Celtic fans now await Tommy at Parkhead for the final time.

It is scandalously unfair, this evil business of cancer, what a loss, what a needless, unfair, dreadful loss.

Great dignity was felt today at the funeral, brought by a man who embellished such a thing throughout his short life.

To all who have been affected by Tommy's sad passing lets lift our glass and drink to Tam Burns, a man who we will greatly miss and a man we may never see the like of again.

Alby Jnr...