Not Only Is Jay Cutler a Crybaby and Diva, He's Probably a Liar

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IAugust 26, 2009

On Josh McDaniels:

"Just the brief amount of time I was able to spend with him, he's impressive. He knows a lot about offenses, he knows a lot about getting guys open and scoring points, as everyone's seen when he was in New England, so I think they're going to be fine."

Those are the words of Chicago quarterback, Jay Cutler, the former Vandy who ran from the Broncos after hearing rumors that the Broncos had interest in Matt Cassel.

If you buy his explanation, I have a bridge I can sell to you.

What Cutler is essentially saying is: I believed in Josh McDaniels so much so, that I could not play with such a great coach.

"I mean, they're good fans there and you know we wasn't the best situation," Cutler said.

That's about all Cutler would say about Denver's fans after dissing them in a Chicago radio interview during training camp, when he said Broncos fans were a six and Bears fans a nine. He later clarified his remarks to say he was talking about the bigger crowds at Bears training camp practices, that's all.

Pardon the accusation, but: Was Cutler drunk? What does "you know we left" mean?  Cutler sounded like he was slurring his words, incoherent, and can't get his story straight. Perhaps, if Cutler truly did believe in Josh McDaniels, his reaction to the trade rumors was merely a drunken tirade.

Junk like this from a puppet like Cutler make me wonder who is pulling the strings.