"The Giants Are In This" Don't Count Them Out Just Yet "

Kimberly HContributor IAugust 26, 2009

The Giant are by no way out of contention they are only 4 games out of the wildcard and have a big series coming up this weekend with Colorado, They also have 3 more games after that on our own turf which is a  great big advantage for us.

Even though the Giants lost 3 games in Colorado they played hard and never seemed to give up and thats something positive to take away from the series.

I know its hard to be optomistic because it was such a huge let down for we all had high hopes that the Giants would at least take 3 games or at least at the very least split with the Rockies.

We definetly need to support our San Francisco Giants now more then ever we can't give up on them. What if they decided to do that, and didn't play there hearts out.

They are playing as hard as they can, and thats all we can ask as fans.  

One last thing is for all of us Giants fans is to have faith, not give up and keep supporting them because they just might surprise us all.