IRISH "Sling Shot" With Win Over USC!

sean sheaContributor IMarch 13, 2017

 Im so sick and tired of hearing about Notre Dames easy schedule. Listen up everyone that does not understand, These schedules are made 3 to 4 years prior. Notre Dame still playes Mich, Purdue, MSU, Pitt, BC, USC, and Stanford. Its not our problem that there programs are not where they usualy are besides USC. Has anyone said anything about Ohio States easy schedule, No not at all when they are playing alot of the same teams Notre Dame is playing, they even play Tulane? But you dont hear anything about there easy schedule. USC opens with San Jose St? you wont hear anything about that either but lets talk about the IRISH and there tramendice easy schedule.

 Well the only way to make people stop talking bad about Notre Dame, Kicking them down any chance they get, is to win. Winning is the only way we can change all the degrading things people say today about the IRISH. That is what is going to happen this season, Notre Dame is out to defend its honor. When Notre Dame wins there first 5 games and has 2 weeks to prepair for the victory over USC there is where Notre Dame will sling shot with victories over the remaining teams and a road trip to the Rose Bowl for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.