Yankees-Mets: New York Mets Sweep Shortened Series

Lastings MilledgeAnalyst IMay 19, 2008

The Mets beat the Yankees at Yankee Stadium last night by a score of 11-2.

For a boxscore, click here.

Great win, great series. Offensive explosion with a combination of good pitching? WHERE HAS THAT BEEN ALL YEAR!? I joke, but seriously, where has it been?

Oliver Perez did not seem to look too good early on, he was out of rhythm and doing all those herky-jerky Ollie things that he does. But he found a way to get it done, and by get it done, I mean SHUT THEM DOWN.

Delgado's ball, which was initially ruled a home run, was then ruled foul by the umpiring crew, which was the wrong call. Initially, my first thought was "damn, now he is going to strike out." But Carlos has been swinging the bat really well, and got a RBI single later in the at bat, so way to prevail Carlos.

On the call, which was clearly the wrong ruling, Willie Randolph went out to argue the call and was CLEARLY steamed. Later, he was told to 'shut up' by the home plate umpire, and then Willie's bench coach, Jerry Manuel, was ejected for chirping from the dugout.

Nice job Jerry, way to fire the team up, because the inning continued and the Mets were up four runs by the time the Yanks came to bat again.

Jose homered for the second straight game, and doubled as well, so maybe he is starting to get going. Ryan Church is still locked in at the plate, belting a home run to dead center. Jon Miller described it as "hit into REGGIE JACKSON territory"...and I thought that was funny...

Way to go guys, we needed this. With a HUGE four-game series coming up, and we need to go into Atlanta and take at least two games (by my standards, three of four).