Overrated Sox: Drew and Beckett

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Overrated Sox:  Drew and Beckett
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Red Sox fans, you've got to admit it:  Josh Beckett and J.D. Drew are among the most overrated players in the league.  Just admit it.

Yes, Josh Beckett has won 20 games, with a 3.27 ERA.  Well, that's not bad.

Besides that one good season, lets look at two others:

2006, his first year:

16-11 with a 5.01, yes above five, ERA.  So, how's your ace look Red Sox fans?

How 'bout last year: 12-10, with a 4.03 ERA.

Just as a compairisan, how was the Yankee's ace in 2006 and 2008?

In 2006, Chien-Ming Wang was 19-6 (almost 20 wins) with a 3.63 ERA.  Better than 5.01, yes no?

In 2008, Mike "Moose" Mussina had 20 wins to 9 losses, with a 3.37 ERA.

Just for another compairisan, let's look at a team who had many problems with pitching those two years: 

The Seattle Mariners:

In 2006, ace Gil Meche, that's right, Gil Meche, did better than Beckett:  He went 11-8 with a 4.48 ERA.  

In 2008, Felix Hernandez went 9-11 with a 3.45 ERA.  So, the Mariner's ace was better than the Red Sox ace.  Congrats!

How 'bout the Pirates?  

Pual Maholm was batter than Beckett in 2008, and Zach Duke was better in 2006.


Devil Rays in 2006:  Scott Kazmir, anyone?

The Reds:  Bronson and Edison, both better.

How about a glorified AAA team:  The Washington Nationals: 2006:  Anyone ever heard of Mike O'Connor? 3-8 with a 4.80 ERA. 2008:  My favorite underrated ace, John Lannan, 9-15 with a 3.91 ERA. 

The only team I could find with a worse ace:  The 2006 Kansas City Royals.

What I'm saying is that Beckett was basically the worst ace in the league those two years.  For a 'premir player,' the guy's a little sub-par. 

As for Drew, lets see how Jim Rice's pick for AL MVP has done this year so far: T

he 33 year old is batting .260 with a mere 16 home runs and just 50 RBI.  Sounds more like the National's five hitter than the Red Sox five hitter.  Speaking of the Nationals and there five hitter, lets see how Josh Willinghan is doing:

.301 average with 21 homers and 56 RBI.  Let me remind you he plays on the Nationals.

If you aren't convinced by now, you are really stupid and ignorant.  And you can't go through life like that, unless it's in politics.  (Dan Quale, George Bush's and most recently Sarah Palin and Joe Lieberman tought us that!)

If you feel I'm wrong still, comment.  I'm sure that these two players are overrated, and I want you too to be complitly convinced.  

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