Washington Nationals 15, Chicago Cubs 6: There's Really Nothing Left To Say

Damen JacksonCorrespondent IAugust 26, 2009

Filed:August 25th, 2009

Carlos Zambrano makes an early exit Tuesday in the fifth inning (Cubbie Nation)

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Quit looking to the stars Carlos; even divine intervention won't help the Cubs now.

Let's just say it. As much as I hate to see any team swept, this series against the Nationals was one that almost required a sweep. Worst team in baseball comes to your home park, with you reeling, and your team's playoff hopes fading. You just got to have it. No excuses.

Well, instead of showing a touch of mettle, the Cubs went off weakly into the night, as the Nationals used the long ball to romp the Cubs 15-6.

No heart. No guts. No life.

Last time I rolled through Wrigley Field to catch a Nationals game, it was about this time last year, and the National used a Willie Harris grand slam to get a 13-5 win. This time, it was another unlikely hero, Elijah Dukes, who deposited a Aaron Heilman pitch into the bleacher in the fifth to put the Nats up 9-1 at the time, and from there they cruised.

Pity actually. Carlos Zambrano, making his first start fresh of the D.L., was just plain rusty. Not terrible, just rusty. On a different night, or with a bit better luck, he might have survived this and given his team a chance to win. Tonight though? Not happening. He was able to get through the first trip through the Nationals lineup intact, but by the fourth, Zambrano was just running out of gas. The Nationals picked up a pair in the inning on a Josh Willingham homer—his first of two—and a Eijah Dukes double.

But it all came undone in the fifth, when he just got lit up. He'd load the bases after back-to-back walks, then exit in favor of Aaron Heilman, and well, you can guess the results.

How bad were things at Wrigley. By the sixth inning, the place looked like a minor league park; dark, half-empty, and everyone kind of depressed, with the place so quiet that you could hear Woo-Woo in the bleachers..from behind home plate.

With both the Cardinals and Rockies winning last night, there's just nothing good to be said. I'll leave it at this, and wait to see if the Cubs want to actually come out and play baseball Wednesday. I'd love to know though what the Cubs are going to do in a week or two when the park looks that empty to start a game, as opposed to when it ends.