A Bracket to Decide the Greatest Rivalry in Sports History (Quarters)

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IAugust 26, 2009

VANCOUVER, CANADA - APRIL 7: Miikka Kiprusoff #34 of the Calgary Flames (R) and Roberto Luongo #1 of the Vancouver Canucks (L) stretch prior to the start of their game at General Motors Place April 7, 2009 in Vancouver, Canada.   (Photo by Nick Didlick/Getty Images)

Hey everyone, we are in the quarterfinals now. Only the best of the best rivalries moved on. So as usual let's get voting.

Bracket 1

1) Calgary Flames/Edmonton Oilers (Hockey)

The battle of Alberta is always a heated contest. Calgary and Edmonton come into each one of these games looking to destroy the other.

This rivalry has been going for a long while and is still active to this very day. And with every match we get to watch an epic battle. Calgary/Edmonton knocked off Arsenal/Man UTD in round 2.


2) Calgary Flames/Vancouver Canucks (Hockey)

Weird encounter in this bracket since it's two Flames rivalries. As we all know, the Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, and Vancouver Canucks are our Canadian teams out west. The Flames are the troublemakers or doers if you may, since there is no big Oilers/Canucks rivalry.

Anyway, when these two Northwest rivals clash, it's always a classic. Flames/Canucks gets even better when the playoffs are involved. As we have seen many epic Game 7 clashes between them. Flames/Canucks knocked off Sampras/Agassi and Spurs/Rockets in round 2.


Bracket 2

1) NY Yankees/Boston Red Sox (Baseball)

The greatest baseball rivalry in sports history is still in the contest. Over the years the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry has proven to be an epic tilt between two of the biggest teams in baseball. 

Even though most New York/Boston rivalries are good, the baseball edition is without a doubt the best. Yanks/Sox knocked off Bret Hart/HBK in Round 1 and Red Wings/Avalanche in Round 2.


2) NY Giants/ Philadelphia Eagles (Football)

No description available. Eagles/Giants knocked off Broncos/Raiders in Round 2.


Bracket 3

1) Toronto Maple Leafs/Montreal Canadiens (Hockey)

Hockey fan or not, everyone knows this rivalry. The Leafs/Habs rivalry is one of the biggest rivalries in all of sports. The best days were when Toronto was still in the Western Conference (old times).

These two would always meet for the Stanley Cup. Montreal won more of those clashes, but Toronto got their fair share too. Leafs/Habs knocked off AC Milan/Inter Milan in Round 2 (Rocky sad).


2) LA Lakers/Boston Celtics (Basketball)

Arguably the greatest basketball rivalry in history. Lakers/Celtics most epic days were in the days of Magic Johnson vs. Larry Bird. That was one hell of a rivalry.

The rivalry is still going strong today. Except today it's Kobe vs. Garnett. Not too bad either. LA/Boston knocked off Canada/Russia in round 2.


Bracket 4

1) Dallas Cowboys/Washington Redskins (Football)

No description available. Skins/Cowboys knocked off Barca/Madrid in round 2.  


2) Chicago Cubs/St. Louis Cardinals (Baseball)

No description available. Cubs/Cards knocked off Bears/Packers in round 2.

Closing Words

(Drum roll) Let's get voting!