American League Pitchers Going to National League...Are They Better?

John ChonarzewskiContributor IAugust 26, 2009

The debate is whether American League Pitchers are better going over to the National League.

Below is a partial list that I came up with.  You be the judge.

  1. FROM     Boston to Cincinnatti          Bronson Arroyo          49-49
  2. FROM     Oakland to S.F. Giants        Barry Zito                 29-41
  3. FROM     Seattle to St.Louis             Joel Pineiro                25-20
  4. FROM     Oakland to Cubs                Rich Harden               13- 8
  5. FROM     Oakland to Phillies              Joe Blanton                12-6
  6. FROM     Oakland to Arizona             Dan Haren                 28-16
  7. FROM     Minnesota to N Y Mets        Johan Santana           29-16
  8. FROM     Kansas City to Brewers       Jeff Suppan                81-63
  9. FROM     Cleveland to Brewers          C.C. Sabathia             11-2
                                                                           Totals     277-221
Please submit your comment as well as the poll I am taking.  Thank you.
Factors also figure into whether a pitcher will have winning record such as run support and a dependable closer to finish those close games when you don't score a lot of runs.
As to what I believe I think the American League Pitchers have an advantage but as you can see it is top quality pitchers that make the difference.