Welcome to The NFL, Mark Sanchez

Alister KonrathContributor IAugust 25, 2009

Maybe it's because everybody's kissing his ass. Or maybe it's because he's playing in a huge market and the new poster-boy/savior for a so-so team. Or maybe it's because I just like to see Ray Lewis and Co. beat down quarterbacks. Whatever it is, my excitement was at full throttle for last night's Monday Night Football game between the Jets and Ravens. It was Pretty Boy Mark Sanchez's first start, and his Head Coach- former Ravens "D" Coordinator Rex Ryan- puts him up against a defense that is arguably the best in the league. Welcome to the NFL, Rookie.

As expected, Sanchez struggled mightily. Aside from a touchdown pass, his first start was not a memorable one (3/8 for 43 yds TD/INT). He also had two delay-of-game penalties, a first-pass pick 6, and what should've been another pick 6 had Ray Lewis caught the ball that hit him in the hands.

The question that has got be asked- did Rex Ryan do this on purpose? He knows better than anybody how intimidating and downright unrelenting Ray Lewis and Co. can be. Did he throw Sanchez to the wolves to see how his young Stud would react? I realize Sanchez is in a QB competition with K. Clemens, but to start Clemens against the lowly Rams and Sanchez against the mighty Ravens is either just bad luck for Sanchez or a gut-check put on by Rex Ryan.

Even with a below-average start last night, Newsday columnist Bob Glauber thinks Sanchez should start over Clemens. I guess I'd agree. Would you want to start Clemens?

Tune in or get tuned out- it's just Komencentz.