College Football Preview Coverage: Summed Up in 10 Questions

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College Football Preview Coverage: Summed Up in 10 Questions
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College football is shifting into overdrive, preparing for the long haul until January. Every day, you can't spend five minutes on the internet or TV and not find something new previewing the 2009 college football season.

Sports Center now has a daily segment dedicated to kickoff week, while the sports pages are buzzing.

So, let's say this preseason stuff was wrapped up into ten questions. What would they be? Let's find out.

10. Isn't Tim Tebow great?

9. Who's better, Terrelle Pryor or Superman? (Trick question, Pryor is Superman)

8. Will Oklahoma ever win another BCS bowl?

7. Is the Big East still playing football?

6. Who is this year's Utah/Boise State?

5. How bad does the Big Ten stink?

4. How many SEC teams won't go undefeated?

3. Isn't Florida great?

2. Should we just give the BCS National Title to Florida now? I mean, they're going to get it anyway. Why bother even playing the season?

1. Isn't Tim Tebow great?

Did I forget any? I'm sure I did, but you get the idea.

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