Spotlighting The Indies: 2nd Generation Luchadora Faby Apache

Christi LottCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2009

Hello all! I would like to thank Matthew Hester or inviting me to join the "Spotlighting The Indies" group. All of my spotlights will from this point on be in this group. I'm pleased everyone enjoyed reading and learning about Mesias.

Today, I will be staying in AAA and shining a light on the top luchadora not only in AAA, but pretty much in all of Mexico, Faby Apache.

Let me say before I begin that, sadly, this article will be rather short, as there is little biographical or career information about her.

To say Faby Apache was born to wrestle is a gross understatement. She is the daughter of Gran Apache, one of the most legendary luchadors in all of wrestling. More than that, he was one of the first luchadors to train women to wrestle, and to this day, is considered one of the greatest trainers there is.

He also works as a road agent to help younger stars adjust and work matches together.

Faby started training in her late teens after being sent by her father to Japan to train with one of the greatest wrestlers of all time male or female, Mariko Yoshida, as well as legendary wrestler Aja Kong.

After training and wrestling there, she returned to Mexico and continued her training with her father. She made her debut in 1998 and quicky rose up the ranks of popularity and has maintained her position on top to this day.

While in AAA, Faby has been a part of some of the most entertaining storylines in wrestling.

Around 2005 and 2006, Faby fought not only with her father, but with her fellow luchadora sister, Mary, because both didn't agree with her relationship with her actual real-life husband, AAA luchador Billy Boy.

The father and daughter duo went as far as kidnapping Faby and Billy's infant son. This culminated in a mixed tag match, which saw Billy Boy lose his long locks. Faby herself has had her long mane on the line a few times, each time successful.

This feud didn't end there either. It continued for even longer after the fact.

Though she's had some great feuds with Tiffany and Ayako Hamada, for me, Faby's greatest feud has truly been with her sister Mary. They played off the jealousy vibe extremely well, with Mary coming off as hating Faby for being the favorite or golden child. Their feud culminated in a match that I wrote about here.

The match was at Triplemania 16, a hair vs. hair match.

But it went beyond this. These two were unbelievably physical with each other, even going to the point of bloodying each other up. They eventually reconnected and have remained allies, but this match will go down as the highlight of both sister's careers.

Faby vs. Mary, Triplemania 16 part one, two, and three.

Currently Faby is 'divorced' from her husband (I'm not actually sure if it's true or not) and is embroiled in a feud with Sexy Star.

Apache's been a Mixed Tag Team Champion with her father, and in 2007, she won the Reina de Reinas tournament, and has held that crown since, though there hasn't been another tournament since then.

I truly wish there was more to say about her, as she's a great wrestler that's been under the radar, at least here in the states. Watching her makes me wish Natalya would get what she deserves in the WWE.

Women like Faby are a rarity, and this kind of quality star should not be ignored.