PHOTD: Philip Rivers Signs Contract Extension, Smiles With Gleeful Madness

Midwest Sports FansAnalyst IAugust 25, 2009

While KVB is doling out legit gems like his rankings of the Big Ten football stadiums, and AJ is getting actual quotes (real journalism! Yes!) from the San Diego Padres scouting department on the greatness of Chris Carpenter, yours truly—the supposed “Managing Editor” of this Midwestern blogging disaster experiment—is doing things like writing this post, which will do nothing to make you a smarter or more well-informed sports fan.

But hopefully it will make you laugh.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the first edition of a new feature that may or may not ever return to the site. It is called PHOTD, which stands for Photo Hilarity of the Day, and I settled on that acronym because when you sounds the letters out together it sounds like someone from the East Coast saying “farted.” Yes, I’m immature like that.

And in honor of Philip Rivers getting his gargantuan new contract, I am posting the picture below, which made me laugh out loud when I happened upon it while browsing the Sports by Brooks morning Speed Read earlier today. Enjoy.

By the way, here are the details on that new Philip Rivers contract according to PFT (quoting ESPN’s Len Pasquarelli): 6 years, $92 million, with $38-39 guaranteed. So something tells me Sir Philip will have 38-39 million reasons not to care that we are mocking the hilarious picture above.

Besides, it’s not like the above picture is the only one out there of Philip Rivers with a funny expression on his face. Here are the runners-up for today’s PHOTD:

But hey, at least for the upstanding, non-nonsense, family-man QB of the Chargers (who I really, really like as a player, by the way) there isn’t a photo like this floating around…

Eli Manning drunk " title="Eli Manning drunk" width="365" height="350" style="margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px; margin-left: 175px; margin-right: 175px;" />


* – Philip Rivers screaming photo credit: Hugging Harold Reynolds

* – Philip Rivers weird lip face photo credit: Mouthpiece Sports

* – Philip Rivers wearing hat photo credit: ESPN via The Cubs Brickyard

* – Philip Rivers confused photo credit: The Sporting Blog

* – Eli Manning drunk photo credit: