Tennessee: 2009 Prediction By Game

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2009

September 5th, WKentucky; When you think about how teams schedule years in advance this is good karma. It will not be the highest scoring game but UT will grind it out and come away with a double digit win. -----W

September 12, UCLA; As pitiful as UCLA is the Volunteers at this point are just as bad. Crompton is your Quarterback, every top receiver is hurt and though I don't like to put stock in freshman; will Bryce Brown be available? If Lane learned anything at USC he probably learned it from Norm Chow. Norm also has gone against Monte while holding the OC position at the Titans. Coaching, like last year, wins this one.----- L

September 19, UF; After two more fall scrimmage games played in September the Gators actually have an opponent to play. Though UT will be pumped for this game you would need more than adrenaline to win.----- L

September 26, Ohio; Hopefully by this time Jones' high ankle sprain will be healed. Denarius Moore should be back in the line up and Crompton should have a better passing game. ----- W

October 3, Auburn; Fortunately for UT Gus Malzahn is a "love to throw and run up the yards" OC. Unfortunately for Auburn the Vols have this defensive player who likes to intercept balls and average around 41 yards per return. Look for Chris Todd to have 3 picks in this game and Eric Berry to catch two returning one for a touchdown. ----- W

October 10, UGA; Flying under the radar is not exactly what the Dawgs will be doing at this point. they will want this win badly. With a solid offensive line and comfortable Cox in the pocket, A. J. Green will have a good day or keep E.B. occupied so others will.----- L

October 24, BAMA; The 4th week in October, it used to be the third weekend but that started changing a few years ago. This could be a spoiler. UT has a biweek and the TIde come off of 7 straight games. The problem is Lane ran his mouth about the Tide and an Elephant never forgets. Too much defense for UT to handle plus home field advantage. But, it will be no blow out like the last 2 seasons.----- L

October 31, South Carolina; Spurrier is a mess. He can't find a Quarterback, can't vote right, has more cornerbacks than necessary and at this point needs a running game. It appears that somebody might actually be pumping Lane's gas. Score one for Lane! ----- W

November 7, Memphis; Does anybody really know how capable Memphis can be? Not me, and I don't think that the Volunteers need to be worried either.----- W

November 14, Ole Miss; However, the Volunteers definitely need to be worried here. As a preseason Western division favorite the Rebels have all the firepower to subdue UT. Jevan, Dexter, and Hodge are too much for E.B. to handle.----- L

November 21, Vanderbilt; Vanderbilt may have an impressive amount of starters coming back however in the last 25 years they have only beaten the Vols once. ----- W

November 27, Kentucky; The more things change the more they stay the same. As with Vandy, the Wildcats have only won one game in the last 25 years against UT and that was back in 1984. Some say if UK was ever going to do it then it had to be last season when the Vols where presumably at their worse.----- W

What is so interesting about this schedule is the peppering of win/losses. It is not as though UT goes on a 3 plus game losing streak.

By all accounts if they pull an upset on either Bama, Ole Miss, or UGA and manage to win the UCLA game then you may actually see a team that not only goes bowling but makes a strike. And, voila, they are 10-3 on the season.

The problem is that the opposite scenario, and then some, would happen first before the aforementioned.


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