Jacque Jones Leaves Detroit for Contending Marlins—Who Would Have Thought?

Michael PopeAnalyst IMay 19, 2008

The Marlins have signed Jacque Jones.  During the offseason, you wouldn't have been hard pressed to find someone who thought Jones would be playing for a contender this year. 

But, who would have thought it would be with the first place Marlins instead of the last place Tigers.  Sure, things may and probably will turn around, but right now that's reality.  

The Tigers couldn't wait for Jones to come around—they were losing at an alarmingly high rate, and he stunk.  So, they parted ways with him barely an eighth into the season. 

Meanwhile, the Marlins have incomprehensibly been winning and winning.  It should prove to be a wise signing. 

While other teams spend heftily in the offseason to bring in pieces they hope will help them contend, the Marlins wait to reap the rewards of signing a quality player at a major league minimum of the price. 

Make no mistake—Jones was terrible.  But is he this bad?  He still plays average defense, and he gives the Marlins another left handed bat.  He can play all three outfield positions and adds veteran leadership. 

Don't forget, Jones was an integral part of the small market Twins' winning ways.  Will he turn it around and turn in another strong second half? 

They'll be paying him less than they will Alfredo Amezaga to find out.