Raiders Don't Need a New Stadium

D.J. O'ConnorSenior Analyst IIIAugust 24, 2009

For a long time there has been speculation and rumors that the Raiders are trying to get a new stadium even if it means re-locating the franchise once again.  A few months ago there was a story that a Los Angeles based investor bought minority stock in the Raiders and the investor was looking for a team to move to L.A.  15 years ago the Raiders left L.A. because they couldn't sell out games, but they played in the 90-100,000 seat L.A. Memorial Coliseum.  If the Raiders want a new stadium because they don't want to share with the A's, the A's have made it clear that they want out of Oakland but they want to stay in Northern California.  If that move works then the Raiders will have there own stadium without the millions or billions of dollars to build a new stadium.  Plus, the Raider fans have continued to show up to watch the Raiders in the coliseum and the fans of the area are the most loyal fans in football.  Personally, I don't go to football games for a huge slide with a Coca-Cola logo on it (AT&T Park) or an 80 yard long T.V. screen that interferes with punts (Dallas) especially Shane Lechler's punts.  I go to football games to watch the game, I would still go to Raiders games if they still played in Frank Youell Field.  A benefit of the current stadium is the history that has been made there: the Sea of Hands catch, the Heidi game, the 2002 AFC Title win against the Titans and many more great games and great plays.  And who could forget the Black Hole end zone.