Washington Redskins Quarterback Jason Campbell: Alone on an Island

ROB YOUNG SRContributor IAugust 24, 2009

LANDOVER, MD - DECEMBER 21:  Quarterback Jason Campbell #17 of the Washington Redskins looks to pass the ball during the game of the Philadelphia Eagles on December 21, 2008 at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

As a lifelong Redskin fan, I take pride in my loyalty to my team and it's players. I read and watch anything and everything I can find to get all the information I can about my team. I have recently found reason to be somewhat concerned about the lack of action by my team concerning one of it's players Jason Campbell.

If you read the forums and blogs or listen to local talk radio, there is a group that has become quite rabid in the voicing of it's opinions on Campbell and there desire to run him out of Washington.

This is confusing to me because it is not due to a lack of talent or hard work that this young man has not yet achieved greater success. He has done everything that every coach and there staffs has asked of him.

The thing that is most disturbing is the casual manner in which the organization has backed it's starting QB. And in my opinion this is where the attention should be focused. How do you allow the relationship between you and your teams leader to become so fractured?

The foundation of most of the critical opinions of Campbell is he's been in the league for four years. But if we look at those four years in the first two he was little more than a clipboard carrier under Joe Gibbs rookie quarterbacks are seen and not heard.

When Campbell does get the opportunity to take the stage he has two things to contend with 1.) little or no reps with the first team offense 2.) and almost no confidence in him by the coaching staff. And on top of that instead of being able  to continue into a second season in Gibbs offense A. Saunders and his 700 page playbook arrives.

A new scheme, a new coaching philosophy and on top of this Saunders brings in Todd Collins whose knowledge of Saunders scheme rivals it's creator. During this season the offense has no stability Gibbs is supposedly turning things over to Saunders but never really does.

Saunders runs the passing game Gibbs the running game confusion reigns and then tragedy the untimely death of Sean Taylor. Campbell gets injured and Collins takes the team on a run to the playoffs losing in the first round. Campbell is confused about where he stands. He watches Collins take his team and have success that evaded him.

If he is the future why isn't anyone reassuring this young QB who is doing everything he is told? Then what happens Gibbs the man who drafted him the coach who could  just because of who he was stand beside this kid and give him instant stability retires.

Gibbs retiring is more devastating to Snyder & Co. thane we will ever know. Take into consideration how things play out not one Coach that Snyder had targeted to succeed Gibbs excepts his offers no matter how inflated and Know a guy brought in to hopefully tutor your QB is tabbed to be your Head Coach just before the draft.

So now we are at coaching staff and scheme number three with the start of the season right around the corner. Somehow the pair (Zorn and Campbell) manage a 6-2 record in there first eight regular season games before age and injury devastate he offensive line and the team finishes 2-6.

Three coaching staffs and offensive schemes later, all that is wrong with the Redskins offense is heaped onto the shoulders of a guy who has just done what he was told. Campbell has had to change his throwing motion, his footwork everything to please numerous coaches and coordinators and people act confused as to why he is not the same player they saw at Auburn.

And the Redskins to put the icing on the cake this off season go on the hunt for malcontent Jay Cutler and unproven Mark Sanchez (USC) treating this kid like an afterthought. Don't hand me that its a business crap that move sucked. And know Campbell is left to deal with his critics armed with validation from his own organization.

The way the Redskins have handled their franchise has basically placed obstacles in the way of it's own QB's development by never holding up their end of the bargain. What have they done to maximize the talents he arrived in Washington with? Even if it meant changing everything his has learned he has been the stand up guy, the good soldier.

And what does Campbell get an all out blitz to find the organizations next franchise quarterback right after telling him he's there guy. So I wonder is the Redskin organization it's own worst enemy? Look at the players who have left Champ Bailey, Antonio Pierce stating issues with how the franchise does business.

It's not that I'm a Campbell fan, I've have just been trying to figure out what this kid has done to deserve the hand he is being dealt and all roads point back to his bosses. He can't turn to his coach because he may be on even shakier ground than Campbell.

So maybe it would be best if these parties move on and go there separate ways. Campbell if he could have gotten more time with the man who drafted him may have been another Mark Rypien or Doug Williams quarterbacks who blossomed under the stability he exuded. But under the present circumstances this has become a kind of shipwreck.