MMA: Why Are You Watching?

Jen AnianoSenior Analyst IMay 19, 2008

Why would so many MMA fans vote down a fight between GSP and Silva?

According to MMAjunkie, "tens of thousands of people voted and surprisingly most them voted against the match-up."

While this fight may be considered a fantasy match-up that puts a lot at stake, it won't be impossible to make happen.

With GSP handing Matt Serra a pretty terrible loss for the Welterweight Title and Silva being the Middleweight Champ, the fight is not as far of a leap as some fantasy match-ups.

A safe assumption is that GSP would insist on Silva dropping weight so the territory is fair.  Silva is in good enough shape to take that step so GSP would not have the added complication of more weight on his opponent. 

Whoever wins this fantasy fight could stake a claim for being one of the most dominant champions in UFC history—move over Hughes. 

Not to mention the money and notoriety coming with this matchup would be great for the organization and the fighter's pockets. 

A lot of people do not give GSP enough credit.  Silva is one of those unstoppable fighters. He finds his opening and he takes it ruthlessly.

A fighter has to have a sense of self and of his opponent to fight as Silva does, but where is the credit for GSP?  Why do so many fans think it would be the end of GSP and the beginning of Silva's quest for glory? 

This fight would only mean good things.  Credit would be given to both guys for what would most likely be a battle of wills. And the victor could claim his place among the UFC greats.

What is so wrong with that?