Baseball Brainiacs: Why the "Dumb Jocks" Myth Needs to be Put to Rest

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Baseball Brainiacs: Why the

Despite the incredibly high number of intelligent athletes, many people still believe that those who play sports are invariably moronic. If you point out a smart person in sports to such people, they write them off as a fluke, considering them to be part of a minute minority.

Having long known this belief to be an incorrect and foolish stereotype (and being quite annoyed by it), some time ago I began compiling lists of every intellectual I could find that had played professional sports.

I have found such people from way back in sports history all the way up to today. The lists include future and current Hall of Famers, All-Stars, postseason heroes, stars of today, upcoming players still in the minor leagues, and many more.

A great deal of them attended prestigious schools (both in college and before). Others tackled particularly difficult majors (physics anyone?). Many were honor students and Academic All-Americans. More than a few were members of the National Honor Society.

Several can boast grade point averages which approach or even exceed the exalted 4.0. A myriad of players count reading among their favorite hobbies, and they read books you would more expect a rocket scientist to peruse.

There are those who want to be physicians, and they definitely have the smarts to achieve that goal. There are many more expert mathematicians and aspiring scientists than most would expect to find in sports. Several excelled on the infamous SAT.

Of course, numerous athletes combine multiple of these traits.

The lists I have put together number in the hundreds and can never really be finished as I am constantly finding new additions. Had I began composing these records sooner, they would already contain a plethora of additional information.

In the past, when I heard of a cerebral athlete, I was duly impressed, but I made the great mistake of not writing the information down or simply making note of the person’s name but not what it was about them that warranted their inclusion on these lists.

Before I let you get to the slide show, I must stress that the following men are only a small few of the people on my lists that are current Major League Baseball players. There are many, many others both in their sport and others that belong here.

However, I have narrowed down the list by quite a bit for the sake of brevity.

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