Javon Walker Is Ready To Play

george lopezCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2009

15 Catches, 196 yards, and one touchdown those were Javon's numbers from last year.  For the amount of money the Raiders payed him he hasen't played very good.  Last year Javon had knee damage and wasn't playing any where near his potential. 

In 2004 Javon had 89 catches, 1382 yard and 12 touchdowns.  If Javon played at that level Jamarcus would have one hell of a year. 

Last year I knew Javon was going to have a bad season because he was considering retirement and didn't really want to play.  This year Javon is very positive and has said he is feeling the best he's ever felt.  Man i hope he's feeling like he was in 04.

This offseason I have been waiting to see Javon Walker actually in pads with full contact so far no contact, but today Tom Cable said Javon will practice at 3:30 as long as everything goes as planned he'll be back.

The media has said that Javon's hands and speed look very good, the only problem is he and Jamarcus aren't on the same page.  Don't expect Javon to look good in the preseason game.  I'm not sure if he'll play in the game next Saturday.  I will let everyone know on twitter


Javon has a long way to go but I think he'll really help out Jamarcus and I think that once Chaz get's back he'll be second string and Darrius might not even be third string, I think that Darrius is a long ways from being a starter but throwing him in the game to go long is a good idea.

I think that Javon will be between 40-60 catches depending on how much Jamarcus throws.  On monday night I will give you the 411 on Javon on my blog@


Thanks Raider nation