Captain Kirk Is Our Guy For MLB

george lopezCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2009

Kirk Morrsion left the game against the 49ers in the 1st quarter with a dislocated elbow which is a 2-3 week injury.

Ricky Brown came into the game and mad an immediate impact by intercepting the ball back to the seven yard line, suddenly the Raider nation is convinced that he should start over Morrsion because of one good play.

I believe that Ricky Brown could start at outside linebacker but he is not as good as Morrsion, not even close if you ask me. Ricky Brown could be a impact player at outside
outside linebacker, but we need our leading tackler in the middle stopping the run.

Another option is Morrsion could move to the outside and Brown could have the middle but there is no way Morrsion doesn't start somewhere on spetember 14, whether you think he's good or not we need him.

Once he got hurt Brown made a interception, but then after that the 49ers ran the ball down our throats averaging around 5 yards a carry.

I could care less where they end up being as long as Kirk Morrison, Ricky Brown, and Thomas Howard are the starters.

Kirk will be back by September 14th

We'll be ready for the chargers