Razorbacks Still Have Hope, But Does Darren McFadden?

James MoseleyCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2007

IconEveryone who watched the nationally televised game between the Kentucky Wildcats and the Arkansas Razorbacks Saturday must have felt mixed emotions.

I have been a die-hard Hogs fan for years, but I finally came to a point where I said to myself: Arkansas has not been a national powerhouse in football within the past 20 years; there must be a reason for that.

Much of it COULD be blamed on Houston Nutt or Frank Broyles. But in all fairness, on Saturday I saw a team that was trying not to lose instead of playing to win, and there is a difference.

A big difference.

On the final drive, when Coach Nutt decided to go for it on fourth down, the receiver quit on the play.  Arkansas had no chance and much of that can be pinned on the enormous lack of a passing game.

But the season's not over yet.  They may be down, but never count 'em out. Arkansas can still pull out enough wins to snatch a bowl game. It may be the Independence Bowl again, but it's better than nothing.

Unfortunately, I believe Darren McFadden will have a tough time winning the Heisman with the Hogs playing like they have the past two weeks.

Don't get me wrong, I think no one is more deserving of the coveted trophy than D-Mac—but let's face it, college football is turning from the sport we knew and loved to a politically-driven form of entertainment.

Regardless of how politically corupt the game may now be, there's one thing that is absolutely certain: Arkansas has the best running back duo in the country and possibly even the history of college football.