New York Yankees in Tailspin after Loss to New York Mets

tim sweeneyCorrespondent IMay 19, 2008

The Yankees are in trouble, or so it appears from this perch.

I understand that May baseball is not August or September baseball. Losing eleven to two to the Mets in the subway series this weekend exposed the Yankees as a team in need of heart.

The problems with the pitching are evident. But what surprised me was the lack of offensive power. I found it well, offensive. The bats were mute Sunday night while a national television audience looked on.

Injuries should not be the excuse used to explain the lack of heart this team exhibits. Both Joe's, Girardi and Torre, have babysitted this bunch for too long. It's time to do what needs to be done to get this bunch to play Yankee baseball.

This can be done by getting rid of the "we'll get em' next time" attitude. A fire needs to be lit under this bunch, and now, so the Yankees don't finish in last place in 2008.