Things I Dont Like in WWE

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IJune 18, 2016

I'll make it clear...I do not hate WWE but there are some things I hate about it. In my article below, you will see some things I really hate in WWE. SO...lets get started:)


1. The fact that there are only 4-5 people that exchange the major titles to each other.

Well this is somethng i really hate. Aren't you guys tired of hearing the same damn five people getting all the major titles?

I mean it is really annoying. It's something that really gets on my nerves.. i mean why must these people (batista,cena,randy orton,edge) be the only ones to have a right on the major titles?

I would like to see someone like John Morrison or Matt Hardy getting a major title or at least having a shot on that title.


2. The whole superman image created around John Cena:  

This is something i really hate.I mean.. i used to like john cena when he was a normal wrestler.I mean just because someone sells a lot it does not mean he has to go on undefeated.

John cena is a human and humans are not perfect so this superman image must simply stop.

I like seeing wrestlers winning and losing because its something normal even if its about my favourites. I do not care if john cena sells a lot but this thing MUST stop.


3. the vicky and edge <>: 

I really hate the vicky and edge marriage because it is an insult to eddie guerrero. I mean why do this. At the end the only thing that this marriage to do was to make vicky look like a fat pig and edge look like a total jerk.

Before this happened, i believed vicky was alright but after this i believe she's an insult to eddy.


4. ted dibiase and cody rhodes being randys slaves:

Ted and Cody are both great wrestlers and they are the future of the business. I hate seeing them being slaves of orton and doing nothing for themselves. They deserve to become the new unified tag team champions...because the whole jericho-big show tag team doesn't help anyone because they are both famous.

Priceless must stop warring about randy and look at themselves. 


5. the fact that randy orton needs the help of legacy to win... EVERYTHING:

This is one of the most annoying things.Why the heck did they do this to randy? I mean they made him look like a little b**ch.

Randy seems like an idiot that can do nothing by himself.I hope that WWE realizes that this thing harms Randy's image and stop having legacy cleaning ALWAYS for randy.

I do not expect from WWE to stop totally the legacy interference because if the do so randy wont be a heel but i don't like randy winning the 100% of his matches because of legacy. 


6. the great khali: 

The great khali sucks. I haven't seen a worse wrestler in my life. He is a 7-foot-2 piece of rubbish. Why does the wwe keep him.They can fire Khali and get a big piece of wood to do his business.

The only thing that khali does is to move his hands around. Seriously i hate him.

And i hate more the fact that guys like kane, mysterio, batista who are better than him (they are not perfect but they at least know some moves) are jobbed around by him.

Well that was all guys.I hope you liked it.Thanks for spending some time to read my article and please comment.

-vasilis tsangarides(VT)