WWE Pay Per View Previews: Summerslam

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WWE Pay Per View Previews: Summerslam

WWE Pay Per View Previews: Summerslam

Well as World Wrestling Entertainment's second greatest show of the year coming up, I have just been blown away by how badly they hyped up two of their three main events.

I ultimately think that WWE should scrap The Bash and move Night of Champions to June, so there can be plenty of build up, like they do when WrestleMania approaches.

Anyways, as I look at this card I see potential for something great. Sure John Cena vs Randy Orton has been done millions of times, but the two can work a main event.

Also there are some great undercard matches with potential such as Swagger vs M.V.P. and Dolph Ziggler vs Rey Mysterio.

If WWE were to make a good decision and build up some of these matches opposed to hundreds of DX promos, then I could kind of care about some of these matches.

One thing that worries me about this show is how they will use their young talent in this show because as it has been reported over several websites I have read from that Vince McMahon is furious with creating new stars.

If he was so frustrated, could the likes of Legacy go over this Sunday? Don't count on it.

Without further ado, my predictions for the biggest party of the summer, Summerslam....or whatever you wish to call it.

The Great Khali vs. Kane

Well as much as I do not care about this match or the feud for that matter, I do think it has been much better than their past feud a few years ago. I think the persona of Kane is better as a heel and Khali is better as a face.

I do give credit to the feud because they are holding off the match to make fans anticipate it more at Summerslam.

Am I or any of you members of the IWC going to look forward to the match? No, but this is how a feud should be built, as opposed to Jack Swagger and M.V.P. having several three-minute matches on Raw. 

The winner in my opinion has to be Khali because of all the torture Kane has endured on his "brother" Ranjin Singh.

Wait a minute, there is another problem right there. Now apparently Khali and Singh are brothers, which is more ridiculous than Hornswoggle and Finlay being father and son.

Is WWE so family oriented that each Superstar has a sibling, parent, uncle, or cousin in the WWE?

Remember now that Shaquille O'Neal and Hornswoggle went to high school together and now Shawn Michaels is Triple H's younger brother...Oh wait, I was not supposed to release that spoiler.

The match will be awful and I fully recommend taking a stop at your restroom to prepare for something that at least has potential. Maybe they can kill Kane's momentum by having him walk out?!

Predicted Winner: The Great Khali in a 5-8 minute match

Intercontinental Championship Match: Rey Mysterio (c) vs Dolph Ziggler w/Maria

From what I have seen over the past few weeks, there really has not been that great of build up to this feud as there should have been.

Their build up for Night of Champions was truly great as both men had their own segments instead of teaming with two lower mid carders in tag team matches, which is going on at the moment.

Sure a cute little backstage interview and Maria saying how "sweet" Ziggy is, but we have not seen any of this. Whether you like Mysterio or not, this was a solid promo.

I must admit that their last bout at Night of Champions was far too short and I really have a good feeling that this match at Summerslam could be a real start to what could be Dolph Ziggler's successful career.

If he were to win in a hard fought out match to a former Wold Heavyweight Champion in Rey Mysterio, that would be great because it could launch his career.

Will it happen? Probably, but I really want Mysterio to hold on to the belt until at least October so we can see a long reign with what could be a phenomenal feud between the two over that timespan.

If Mysterio held it a little longer, he could add some prestige to the belt. Still if he wins or not, I really think that they need a solid match here to get me to really care as much as I did in the earlier stages of this feud. In the end, I do see that Ziggler wins the belt much to my dismay.

Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler in a 10-15 minute bout

ECW Championship Match: Christian (c) vs William Regal

Now just to ask, what has William Regal done to earn this title shot? He and Christian had one match on Superstars and now Regal is a contender?

No disrespect towards Regal as he and Christian should have a good match, but this has been built up very poorly, as these two should have had this rivalry start immediately after Christian's final title defense against Tommy Dreamer.

Crazy idea, but why not have Regal assault Christian after his solid hardcore match with Dreamer the week after Night of Champions?

Instead we learn about this out of the blue from the man who talks like the Coach and looks like The Rock, Abraham Washington.

Following that announcement, Regal pretty much walks out, talks to Abe, then squashes Tommy Dreamer. Once again, no disrespect to a very undervalued star in Regal, but this was awful build up.

I think that Christian will win this match basically because he just won the belt at Night of Champions and hopefully, both men can have time for a solid bout and proceed to have a quality feud that both of these men are capable of having throughout Breaking Point.

Predicted Winner: Christian in a 15-20 minute match

Jack Swagger vs Montel Vontavious Porter

Man, when I saw the episode of the V.I.P. Lounge featuring the then-new Raw Superstar, Jack Swagger, I was instantly pumped for it. Hearing them talk and get into M.V.P.'s criminal past was genius and I thought to myself that this would be awesome to have on Summerslam.

Unfortunately, the feud died after a short intermission...or match between them a week later that completely lost me.

Following that, the feud looked to be over as Jack Swagger would go on to feud with Evan Bourne, which could have also been greatness.

It turns out that a few weeks into Bourne and Swagger's mediocre feud that M.V.P. would make the save and rekindle this feud.

Maybe there were three promos between these two, but they were all scattered, so the fans forgot about this feud and they also forgot about M.V.P.

Remember when M.V.P. was one of the most over stars on the Smackdown roster? How about when Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger were the hottest things on ECW?

Now, Bourne is a pawn in this feud, we completely forgot M.V.P. after his hot start on Raw, and Swagger has been lost in the Raw shuffle.

Both of the men get very little crowd reaction anymore, especially M.V.P. and to think he was facing Randy Orton on his Raw debut. I really do hope that WWE will let M.V.P. and Swagger have not only quality time for their match, but a decent feud.

Too bad WWE will drop this after Summerslam, so that we can see M.V.P. vs Chris Masters and Swagger bury Evan Bourne afterwards. I would normally be ecstatic about these two feuds, but they are all lower mid card talent in the WWE's eyes.

Anyways, I think that Swagger will go over merely because M.V.P. has had the upper hand in this feud. Other than that, this will be a random filler match.

Predicted Winner: Jack Swagger in a 5-10 minute match

Unified Tag Team Championship Match: Jeri-Show (c) vs Cryme Tyme

I'm happy to say that this is a breath of fresh air to see the Tag Team Championships regarded so prodigiously in recent memory. Despite the fact that Cryme Tyme may be the most annoying and stereotypical tag team, they have solid chemistry and have worked this feud well.

On the other side, we have Chris Jericho who can make anybody look good teaming with Big Show, who has been booked very well since teaming with Jericho (See? Jericho makes Big Show look good!)

With that said, there is no doubt in my mind that Jeri-Show will go over in this match because I think these two are going to hold those belts for quite some time. The match itself will probably be given a good amount of time as all four of these men can work.

Even the build up has been entertaining despite that one mistake of having Big Show squash JTG on Smackdown two weeks ago. It still did not hurt Cryme Tyme that much, but notice when JTG pinned Jericho three weeks ago and Jericho did not take the loss?

How about having Swagger or another young talent pin John Cena and the same thing will happen. So funny how simple building up stars is and Vince screams during his conferences that he can't make new stars.

Hopefully, we can see these two teams go at it again at Breaking Point.

Predicted Winners: Jeri-Show in a 10-25 minute match

D-Generation X vs. Legacy (Rhodes and DiBiase)

Well I was checking out some assorted wrestling news websites, I found an article that stated a possibility that WWE may have Randy Orton and CM Punk win their respective matches and then have DX go over Legacy to close the show and send the fans home happy.

Though I doubt they will go with this plan, I kind of opened to the idea because it ultimately does the right thing for Orton and Punk who need to keep their belts a little longer. Sure it will kill Legacy, but can anyone tell me that they had a chance at winning in the first place?

The build up of this feud has been actually done quite well, even though I was disgusted with how Shawn Michaels returned. Sure it was cute and quite funny at times, but this man came off the greatest match in wrestling history (arguable) and now he is back to having his DX persona. I just did not favor it.

Also I was very happy when Legacy defeated Triple H in the handicap match a few weeks ago because I found that Triple H put over young talent for the first time in a good while, but had to wreck Legacy's win by getting up almost immediately, poorly faking his injury, and hyping up DX right there on the spot.

Not only did anyone remember that Legacy won that match, but they could have made the DX hype come up later in the night. My favorite segment had to be their most recent one where DX was beat down because it gave Legacy some momentum.

As far as the match goes, this will not even be a match in my opinion opposed to a glorified segment. We will see DX come out to the ring with their mics and the usual, "Are you ready?" segment and have Michaels run around the ring like an idiot, while Triple H is trying to control him.

They will mock Legacy until they come down and brawl for a short while until DX nails their finishing maneuver, pins them, and the fireworks go off in the ring.

This will kill Legacy and I do not want it to happen, but it probably will unless Vince really wants to create new stars.

Predicted Winners: D-Generation X in a 15 minute "segment"

WWE Championship Match: Randy Orton (c) vs John Cena

Are you ready? I'm not. John Cena and Orton will go at it for the hundredth time and the match will be the same as usual. Michael Cole yelling, "Vintage ___" as Orton nails his few moves and Cena nails his. I do think that Cena will walk out as champion mainly to end the show and send the fans home happy.

The build up has been pretty bad because Raw is basically an infomercial for stars like Jeremy Piven and Seth Green. The Guest Host storyline is not a bother to me as long as A. The celebrity knows of WWE (cough*Summerfest*cough) and B.

We have solid hype for the following pay per view's main event. This feud has really been built up all right, but not as it should have been. Also, just wondering if Orton and Legacy are still together or what? Never see them hanging around anymore.

Like I said earlier, this match will send fans home happy, but let us IWC fans down. The only way I see Orton winning is either via disqualification or if WWE decides to have DX close the show.

Predicted Winner: John Cena in a 25-30 minute match

World Heavyweight Championship TLC Match: Jeff Hardy (c) vs CM Punk

This feud has really been arguably the feud of the year with it's only competition being Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels or Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio.

Whether you like Hardy or not, the guy has been having a great feud with CM Punk who has elevated himself to a new level with hirn.

This will be a fantastic match and Match of the Year candidate or even winner if Undertaker/Michaels did not occur this year.

Now once again, the story is about Hardy's contract status and I have some thoughts about this. Apparently, Jeff has given his notice to WWE and will be leaving after Summerslam which makes perfect sense after Punk claimed he would end Hardy's career and save the hypocritical WWE fanbase.

I say this because WWE is setting a horrible example with Hardy being a drug addict and smoker as Punk is trying to tell them tp, "just say no."

Do you know how many people cheered for alcoholism and smoking in the audience just because Punk said it? I get the whole preacher gimmick, but this feud has stifled me there.

As for Hardy's contract, I think if he does in fact leave, it will come back to hurt him in the end. Look at what he is leaving. He is the most over star in the WWE today, he sells more merchandise than anyone else, and is the World Heavyweight Champion.

When Hardy comes back, WWE will NEVER trust him like this again because they just will not know if he will be suspended or taking a hiatus when they have plans for him.

That will kill Hardy in the end as I think we will be teased with a Punk/Undertaker segment after the match for the next main event, Breaking Point (Hell's Gates vs. the Anaconda Vise)

The match itself will be great as Hardy is a stuntman and Punk has also performed well in the ladder match.

Hopefully, we may see some sort of blood to make it more believable, but all I want is this to end the show. Punk will probably win the title as he should have never lost it in the first place.

Predicted Winner: CM Punk in a 30-39 minute match.

Final Words

Well this show looks great on paper with the exception of Khali/Kane and I hope that Swagger/MVP and Ziggler/Mysterio are given a fair amount of time.

I did hope that we would see Mickie James vs. Gail Kim on the card or even Michelle McCool vs. Melina to give the women some portion of the show, but I think that is not a huge loss to the card.

I would have liked Carlito vs. Kofi Kingston instead of MVP/Swagger, but I think both feuds are going nowhere.

I fully recommend you check this show out, but I really do wish that there were more build up for the Raw and ECW matches besides DX vs. Legacy. Well, I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and if you disagree with my decisions, then tell me what you think.

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