Roger Goodell Calls on NFL Concussion Expert

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Roger Goodell Calls on NFL Concussion Expert AFL, NBA, NHL and NFL teams have already started using a procedure proven to aide in the prevention of concussion in the Patriot players.

Dr. Gerald Maher, the Tufts head and neck specialist, who has worked with the New England Patriots medical staff for over two decades, will be in Atlanta at Russell Athletic to present his ideas on concussion prevention to the Arena Football league trainers and equipment managers.

What makes the Maher mouth guard different is that it is actually a medical procedure that corrects diagnosable cartilage damage and secures that position, reducing dizziness, the sensation of seeing stars and concussion.

A new New England Medical Journal military study pinpointed the ear canal or temporal bone as a new "hidden brain injury".  The Dean of Tufts dental research says its use is inevitable, but an irrefutable study is needed in order for the NFL to listen. Dr.Maher is now in talks with the NFL on a research project—its methodology and objective is being questioned.

Rodger Goodell has requested its study by the end of October. Tufts is prepared to do that independent study.

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