The Great Luca Bodoer

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The Great Luca Bodoer
(Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

This guy in the picture almost came back.

Then we got "THE GREAT ITALIAN".

Folks no offence..

Italians are great but......


He doesn't even deserve to be here.

I would rather see a Brunno Senna or a Nelson Piquet Jr. there but please Ferrari what have you pulled off??

Was it necessary???

I mean Bodoer??

Lets check out our drivers since 2002

Rubens Barrichello: Great Driver

Kimi Raikkonen: Almost there a ONE time champion at least

Felipe Massa: Potentially best of the lot..

Michael Schumacher: Greatest of all time

But none of 'em are comparable to Luca.

This guy packs a punch.

He can come last in a car that is at least mid table and an aimless demotivated Iceman can take it to 7th then it is quite an achievement.

All i can say is: LUCA BODOER YOU ARE A F#$^SH%*!!!!!

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