Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona: A Rivalry Made In Heaven

Muffakham Shaheriyar@@muffakhamCorrespondent IAugust 22, 2009

MADRID, SPAIN - NOVEMBER 19: Robinho (R) of Real Madrid and Rafael Marquez of  Barcelona go for a high ball during a Primera Liga match between Real Madrid and F.C. Barcelona at the Bernabeu on November 19, 2005 in Madrid, Spain.(Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

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Michael Buckley 

Real isn't hated because of their success. Real is hated because of the flippant way their management approaches building a team. They throw around their clout and finances as if what they spend is pocket change, and when a player is no longer in the rosey red of Perez's graces, they are shown the back door with a forceful shove.

They are hated precisely for the same reason the Yankees are hated: their disrespect and impatience for the process of building a grass-roots inspired actual team. It hasn't a thing to do with success.

i have to disagree with u Micheal....Real have always been respectful to other clubs...even now when Perez is paying over the odds for players he wants....the only time there reputation was damaged is when Calderon and his gang were in charge. because simply they have no clue how to run a team, i'll put the Ribery saga for an example, we herd a lot in the news about offers,and Bayern kept on saying they will not let him leave for no amount paid. and now it turns out to be that Real Madrid didn't even maid any offers, turns out that Bayern were just scared of loosing him and that's why they listened to newspapers rubbish talk., why then they got CR9 from MU? remember Fergie said they will never sell them a virus,but we all know he was talking about the Gang of Calderon.. the only reputation damage happened in the thief(calderon) times not before,and certainly not now.

You may say that but deep inside even you would agree.
And about perez(i don't like him much) he managed to sign kaka ronaldo albiol and benzema without any fuss.Now that is something.

Lack of patience is something i hate but at Real Madrid success is the only acceptable thing.The worst i remember Real finishing in the table is second.What do u say abt that??? Barcelona fnished 9th in 2002-2003 season.

Players come and go.That will happen and perez has nothing to do.They have to leave the club bcoz we cant have players earning millioms and not playing. Probably you are mentioning Salgado Episode.He was to leave Real anyway and even he accepts that,His time was up.It was better to move on a high then leave on a low

Have you been watching Real Madrid for but 2 years? In 01-02 they finished 3rd, in 03-04 they finished 4th. In 99-00 they finished 5th, in 97-98 they finished 4th, and in 95-96, they finished 6th.

In the 02-03 season you mention, Barcelona finished 6th. I think you have your numbers wrong.

Since you seem to be making this a RM v. Barca contest, need I remind you that according to the IFFHS, Barcelona are the best team in the world statistically?


Michael Buckley 4 days ago

@Muffakham:The time frame of this article is in the recent past --somewhere along the lines of 2 decades. Real Madrid has had a much more fruitful past than Barcelona, it is true, but resting purely on their previous laurels cannot produce a winning side. Stories come and go, such is the way with any sport. As was my original contention, the reason RM is as hated as they are now is because of the way they approach building teams. They attract players with wads of cash, and attempt (as much as they can) to hew their incoming transfers to their storied past

No, the article was about RM, and you made the later discussion about RM v Barca. In any event, Barcelona's youth academy is second to none. Consider the big name players recently to have come from that.

Iniesta, Xavi, Fabregas, Messi, Bojan, Puyol. And RM has Eto'o to boast about? That's amazing, given his temperament.

What's worse is you keep on dragging this out as if it matters. The point is, Real Madrid is hated because of they way they approach the concept of a team. To the management, it is dollars and cents, played out on a grand stage, as evidenced by Flo's wanting a super-league, that will not only bankrupt clubs, it will do so also with fans, and destroy the individual player. That old phrase, the strength of the wolf is in the pack, but the strength of the pack is in the wolf, holds true for each and every team. Disregard the wolves, and the pack falters and slips. Galacticos v 1.0 looked good for 2 years. Then 2 years reconstruction time, with Barcelona dominating --as a team-- la Liga.

Perez is a cancer that should be removed from professional football, if not for his ridiculous comments about a super-league, then for his ridiculous ways of building a "team," and destroying (yes, destroying) the economy of loans, trades, and player salaries. If he isn't, the footballing world will become a fire-torn hellscape, where players are treated not like people, but like commodities, and the laissez-faire management style evinced in Madrid dominates the top clubs.


Well about Perez's Lavish spending that guy is the only one who could manage to do that bringing 5 of the best players to real.
And you cant complain surely with Ibra"no-scoro"vich bought for ONLY "40 million;(Laporta said ONLY)
Most people are ready to do buisness with perez but not with others.He has a charm which others dont have.
I am not a big fan of his and the Galactico policy but it is better for the club that we build a good team quickly for the Bernabeu year.
Regarding Youth products:
I must say Barcelona did a fine job with messi iniesta and Xavi but fabregas left at the age of 16 and when you call puyol your youth product when he joined Barca at 17 then surely Arsenal developed Fabregas and it is true Fab didnt get into Barca team then.
About ours we have Iker Raul Guti And Granero Negredo and Granero along with Arbeloa
Iker is the best in the world
Raul is an amazing leader and CL top scorer
Guti has sublime passing skills
Abeloa is a versatile defender
Granero is an exciting talent
Negredo the future of Real Madrid Strike Dept after Raul retires
Then we have Lopez and Mata the guys who left along with Soldo and others
Check out Deepaks article about up coming canterano's and you'll realise the strength of our program
RMCF beat FC Barcelona to win the MUNDIALTO earlier this year( i think you know abt Mundialto)


You got the hang of it i suppose

Well I don't need to introduce the teams you know 'em pretty well possibly the MOST decorated Rivalry in the World.

This rivalry has slowly filled the pages of both FCB and RMCF on b/r too.

I don't need to give any evidence........

What makes it different from the others?????



Di Stefano controversy, Catalunya vs Spain, blah blah blah

It doesn't concern us ..

Football is all that matters guys and honestly pick up a barca fan and a real fan and you ll have your dose of environment.Believe me..

On b/r i have encountered many Barca fans who defend their club like anything and Real Fanatics like me who can pay 'em back in the same coin anytime.

Mud-Slinging ....

What makes it more intresting than possibly even the Milan Derby..

Real Madrid and Fc Barcelona probably fight for every trophy up for grabs since time immemorial and they have managed to outdo each other its just like India vs Pakistan of club football.

The fact that they increase their level of play only helps..

A brave real madrid fan on barcelona pitch wearing real shirt on the presentation of Zlatan "No- Goal" Ibrahimovic.

He was beaten to hell...

Dont know what would have happened to A Barca guy in the Santiago on the day of Ronaldo unvieling...........

What do you say??


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