Denard Robinson: The Perfect Fit For The Read-Option Offense

Brian MitchellContributor IAugust 22, 2009

     While many people expect Tate Forcier to assume the starting job at quarterback for Michigan, Denard Robinson seems to be the ideal fit for the offense. Forcier brings a swagger about him to the position and is a very accurate passer. He possesses a sixth sense ability to move in and out of the pocket. The California native also has a high football I.Q. which is necessary for any successful quarterback. In the long run, Florida-native Denard has a developing tool set that could turn the read-option offense of coach Rich Rodriguez into a terrorizing obstacle for defenses. 
    Robinson has clocked ridiculous times in the 100 meter dash and other track events. When he arrived at Michigan, many people were anxious to see whether or not his speed translated onto the field with pads. Robinson has not disappointed. Offensive lineman Mark Ortmann was a testament to the speed of  Denard a.k.a. "Shoelace". Although it is likely that Forcier is the starter with Nick Sheridan on his heels, Robinson's speed will be hard to keep off the field.
    The college football world was shocked by the former West Virginia Mountaineer Pat White and his speed. Denard Robinson is rumored to be faster than him right now. White, according to Rivals clocked a 4.5 out of high school and then after college he clocked a 4.5 at the NFL combine. Denard has already clocked a 4.3 at a scout combine and at Florida's "Friday Night Lights" camp. The Floridian also landed a 10.54 time in the 100m dash. The Detroit News reported that Robinson accounted for four touchdowns in one practice. Lookout for Robinson in the future because he will be hard to keep on the bench. The read-option is tailor-made for speed like this.