RECALL - Week IV in Review (PART II)

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RECALL - Week IV in Review (PART II)

Finishing off where I left off in the Review of Week IV - Part I. And without further adue...

--I hope Texas Tech's defensive coordinator's resignation was indeed for personal reasons, and not him being forced out by "higher powers" than he. The Red Raiders gained 718 jaw dropping yards in a loss (is there someway the record books can be checked to see if that's ever happened?) - that is borderline supernatural. And the fact that Harrell threw for 646 of those yards shows two things - a) as I said before, Leach's system WORKS. Year in, Year out - b) Leach's system works, but his offenses are awfully one dimensional. Harrell threw for yards up and down the field and Texas Tech still lost? It's ok to throw for big numbers, but when you're still sustaining losses something needs a tad adjustment - and not just the defense. Had Texas Tech tried to run out at least a few minutes of the clock in the 4th, they should/would have won this game. Regardless, The Red Raiders could post nearly a thousand yards of offense this weekend against hapless Northwestern STATE...

--Good Lord Sooner Fans... Did anyone else happen to hear about the August 24thIcon incident, as reported by; in which an Oklahoma fan tore open a rival Texas fan's scrotum at a bar? So much so, the Texas fan had to receive 60 stitches. That is one of the most ungodly acts I've heard a rival fan commit to another, and it makes me glad that I am a supporter of  Stoops and the Oklahoma Sooners. I can't imagine what they do to visitors of opposing teams in the stands, no wonder the annual Red River Shootout is held at a neutral site (i.e. dilapidated Cotton Bowl) ON THE TEXAS SIDE OF THE LINE (i.e. Dallas). Yeah, I definitely winced when I read THAT one, again, GOOD LORD SOONER FANS...

--South Florida is, just like that, the second best team in Florida. Imagine telling someone that 10, even 5 years ago. Who knows where the program will be in the next 5 - 10 years - at the pace they're at now, they could be winning conference/ national titles left and right. It's not like they aren't in what's commonly recognized as the most fertile recruiting ground in the country. Then again, maybe Miami and Florida State will re-rise, but right now I seem to doubt that, at least for another year, or two, or three...

--I'd like to start taking bets, on who will be the first of The Big Four to fall. Let's take a look at the next five games of LSU, USC, Oklahoma, and Florida... and add in a random percentile which accounts for the chance they will lose said game...

    • LSU. @ Tulane, 0% chance of loss. Home versus Florida, 30% chance of loss (this was higher before Florida/Ole Miss). @ Kentucky, 17% chance of loss and rising. Home versus Auburn, 9% chance of loss and sinking. @ Alabama, 24% chance of loss, and rising. Total percentage chance of loss in next five games... 80%

    • USC. @ Washington, 16% chance of loss - and if the Trojans overlook Washington, it's higher than that. Home versus Stanford, 1.5%. Home versus Arizona, 1.5%. @ Notre Dame, negative percentile, so I'll replace with 0%. @ Oregon, 35% and rising, with the way Oregon has been playing. Total percentage chance of loss in next five games... 54%

    • Oklahoma. @ Colorado, 3% chance of loss. @ Texas (which is in fact neutral), 31% chance of loss only because the jury is still out on The Longhorns. Home versus Missouri, 7% chance of loss, and slightly increasing as Mizzou gets better. @ Iowa State, 0% chance of loss. Home versus Texas A&M, 11% chance of loss - yeah A&M are one of those random thorn-in-your-side teams. Total percentage chance of loss in next five games... 52%

    • Florida. Home versus Auburn, 13% chance of loss (this could fluctuate wildly). @ LSU, 70% chance of loss (again, lower before Ole Miss game). @ Kentucky, 29% chance of loss and could rise more. @ Georgia, 50% chance of loss - and again, could rise more. Home versus Vanderbilt, 0% chance of loss. Total percentage chance of loss in next five games... 162%

Of course my numbers aren't etched in stone, AGAIN THESE ARE NOT ETCHED IN STONE FIRM CONCRETE NUMBERS OF ANY SORT (for any crazed fan who wants to raise hell on this/that) - just wild examples I pulled out of my ... head ... to show who has the harder upcoming schedule and is least LIKELY to go undefeated. Naturally, my somewhat supernatural percentage pulling abilities tell me that would be Florida, with their rather tough mid-season gauntlet (insert, "ouch"). Of course, teams can naturally add weigh against those odds (say LSU being more talented knocks some percentage points off and about evens their odds with OU/USC, and Florida having Tebow alone reduces their percentage significantly though he can't just keep winning every game by himself no matter how great - ask Brian Brohm and Darren McFadden). So if I had to bet my soul on which team will fall first in the next five games, you better believe I'd be betting on Florida. I guess it's a good thing I don't plan on ACTUALLY betting my soul on said topic anytime soon...

--I know that some readers out there (it's inevitable...) will wonder why did I not include West Virginia. I decided to opt and wait for the results of this weekend's game between West Virginia and South Florida. If the Mountaineers [of West Virginia] win big, I'll crown them into the club, and re-dub the schools - "The Fab Five". Until then, shut it.

--Random quote/thought of the day - "The Fighting Irish are to bad what Charlie Weis is to overly-pompous" HAHAHA, YYYOUCH. I wonder is Weis still in search of bulletin board material. I just hope he gets the Irish in order before USC comes to town, and that is all I have to say on them until they accumulate a) over 250 offensive yards or b) a win.

--Indiana State fired their coach after he went 1-25. Programs like Duke, Florida International, Northwestern, Temple, and Buffalo should take notes. It is NOT acceptable to accumulate 1 (or 4-5 for that matter) win for every 25 losses. It wasn't in elementary school, middle school, high school, and nor should it be in college. 

--I'm not sure why Lloyd Carr is being so mum about his QB situation for next week. I know another coach, at some formerly famed institution who tried that to begin the year, and I'd like to point at his current record/ status right about now. If you don't know who I am talking about you a) aren't an avid follower of college football and b) aren't an avid ENOUGH follower of college football.  

--Poor Callahan, finally admitted to being displeased with his team's results the last few weeks. So you don't say? You have gotten the classiest group of fans in the country to BOO THEIR OWN TEAM. I would be VERY nervous about my job status, general fan  base discontent often results in your firing unless you get it together, FAST.  

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