LeBron James, Paul Pierce: King James Battles in Boston Garden but Gets Pierce-D

Timothy RoenkerContributor IOctober 12, 2016

Even when King James puts up 49 points against the NBA's best Boston Celtics, he still couldn't walk out of the Garden with a big win. 

In game seven of the Eastern Conference semifinals, Lebron James put up huge points against the Celtics' tight defense.  But Boston had the answer, and it came in the name of 'The Truth' Paul Pierce. 

Although he didn't outscore Lebron (Pierce scored 41 pts.), he was able to keep Boston ahead of the Cavaliers and allowed them to send the Cavs home with a 97-92. 

The big thing that made this game different than the other six games in this series was the fact that the foul shorts where much more even.  In the previous games, the home team had the advantage in free throws. 

In this game, Boston shot 34 free throws and made 28, while Cleveland shot 35 and made 25.  Boston also won the battle on the boards, out rebounding the Cavs 29-39. 

After being taken to the limit two series in a row, the Celtics gear up to take on the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday in the Garden.