Pops Mensah-Bonsu Will Return To The ACC

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 Pops Mensah-Bonsu Will Return To The ACC
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Pops Mensah-Bonsu will make a return after all to the ACC.

But, if you thought as a Raptor—you were wrong. The Houston Rockets have reached a verbal agreement with the fan favorite and boy are they going to need it more then us.

With the loss of Ron Artest (L.A. Lakers), Yao Ming (injury), and Tracy Mcgrady (returning from an Injury). They are going to need someone who can sell tickets, if we've learned anything Raptors fans, Pops can sell tickets.

It's a relief to finally rid the PMB madness surrounding Raptors Blogs and Forums and Articles all over the Internet. Although, we will miss his athleticism and excitement, as well as his ability to pump up the crowd. It was for the best and he'll get more playing time with the team he is currently on then he would here.

He really just wasn't a good fit once we acquired Reggie Evans, but, he was still a probability. Then, we acquired Rasho Nesterovic and people were starting to get discouraged. The final nail in the coffin was, as much as die hard Pops to Raptors fans didn't want to believe, the acquisition of Amir Johnson.

Then, for the past week or less came people begging and trying to figure out ways that Bryan Colangelo could still sign Pops. One person would say "we could buy out this guy." Another person would say " we could do this trade and then buy out that guy".

But, to no avail as it is finally over. The frustration and the madness that is Pops Mensah-Bonsu is finally over. His presence was like this plague that you couldn't get rid of, until now. 

I must say, even though I wasn't on that Pops to Raptors bandwagon, it is a bit of a downer to see him leave. Oh well, Pops you will be remembered for years to come. We look forward to seeing you next season when the Rockets come to the ACC.

I will end this article with a quote, that I think describes this moment perfectly: "We hate to see you leave, but, love watching you go."

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