San Antonio Spurs: Can Anyone Take Their NBA Title in 2008?

Matthew ThompsonContributor IMay 18, 2008

Go Spurs Go!!

Of course, that is my chant being from San Antonio.  But will they pull off Game 7? 

My gut feeling tells me they won't, but it wouldn't be the first time they would surprise me. I mean, they are still known as the NBA Champions. They have the talent, they know how it's done, but do they have the fire? 

The Spurs really have to want it. They have to believe and see their shots falling with each shot made.  They do it at home, so what's the difference from hitting a basket at home or away? 

As the song goes that my boys like, "Get Your Head in the Game."  And just do it!

I know this isn't really an article, it's just my thoughts. I don't know much about fouls, but I really love the game.  Well as long as the Spurs are in it, if they get knocked out, well I guess that is it.

So you can say I'm really not that big of a basketball fan, since I don't follow all the games. But who knows? Maybe one day I will be like the many fans who watch all the games, no matter who is in them.

So what are your thoughts? Who will it be in the NBA Finals?

Just give us a piece of your mind!