Bears QB Crisis: Why Rex Grossman Should Keep His Job

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Bears QB Crisis: Why Rex Grossman Should Keep His Job

IconIn no way, shape, or form is this article written in support of Rex Grossman.

With his performance in the Bears' first three games, Grossman has proven that he isn't the answer in Chicago.

But you know what?

Neither is Brian Griese or Kyle Orton.

Yes, I'm a frustrated Bears fan who would like nothing more than to see Grossman get benched...but in favor of whom?

Griese hasn't played a meaningful game in years, and Bears fans have forgotten that Orton was worse than Grossman in 2005, the one year Orton started for the Bears.

Could Griese be better than Grossman?

I don't think so.

Only once has he played more than ten games in a season since leaving Denver—in 2004, with Tampa Bay, when he threw for 2,632 yards, 20 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, and a 97.5 QB rating in 11 games.

That sounds pretty good, right?

Well, it was three years ago.

Griese began 2005 as Tampa Bay's starter, but was less than impressive before going down for the year with an injury in Week Six. Since then, he hasn't thrown more than 15 passes in a game—and those came in two meaningless quarters against Green Bay last December.

The point is is that Griese hasn't been good in quite some time. Plus, what happens if the oft-injured vet gets the nod and then gets hurt? The Bears would have to reinsert an even more demoralized Grossman under center...unless they want to go with Orton.

Speaking of Orton, let's review what he did in 2005, when he "led" the Bears to an 11-5 record and an NFC North title.

The guzzling gunslinger completed 51.6 percent of his passes for 1,869 yards, nine touchdowns, and 13 picks—for a a QB rating of 59.7. Defenses would stack eight in the box and force Orton to throw, with disastrous results.

Teams are less likely to put eight men up front against Grossman because he can throw the deep ball—unlike Orton, who has the approximate arm strength of Jamie Moyer.

That said, it's painfully obvious that the Bears are in trouble with Grossman under center. My suggestion to Ron Turner is to have Rex work out of the shotgun.

Grossman's good passes come when his momentum is carrying him forward. When he's standing flatfooted or backpedaling, his throws suffer.

The shotgun would maximize Grossman's ability by allowing him to step into his passes more often. It may be a crazy idea from a fan who doesn't know the details of the Bears' system, but the status quo isn't exactly working out.

A radical change might be the last hope the Bears have. 

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