Big Brown at the Preakness Stakes

Michael WinesAnalyst IMay 18, 2008

Just to set the record straight, I don't claim to be anything but an armchair horse race fan. I usually watch the Kentucky Derby and then follow the winner to see if that horse can win the 2nd and 3rd legs of the Triple Crown.

There hasn't been a Triple Crown winner for 30 years. "Affirmed" was the last horse to do it and I watched those races. In 2004, a longshot, named "Smarty Jones" almost made it but had a tragic mishap in the gates at the Belmont Stakes (the last race of the Triple Crown.)

I have never seen a horse as exciting as Big Brown. This horse is amazing. Watch the video and appreciate the ease in which he leaves the field in the dust at the last turn. Impressive. I hope you get the chance to watch the Belmont Stakes on June 7th. You might be watching history.