My Predictions For Summerslam

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2017

Today I am going to tell you my predictions about Summerslam! So what are we waiting for?? Let's get started!

For the WWE Championship: Randy Orton vs. John Cena:

Well first of all, let me make clear that I do not hate John Cena. But I believe it's time that the whole superman image that has been created around him to stop. I think that Randy Orton will win this one (of course with the help of the villaInous legacy) I think that Randy will do an RKO to finish the match and get the victory and the gold.

For the World Heavyweight Title: CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy (TLC): 

This one is a tough to predict, but I will go with CM Punk. Even though Jeff looks like the favorite because he has won a lot of TLC matches, I believe this one will go to the two time Mr. Money in the Bank, CM Punk!

D-Generation x vs. The Legacy:

I am really looking forward for this one , even though DX look like they are the favorite the legacy has a lot of cheats to do. I think that legacy gets this one (of course not 100% fair and square). 

For the ECW title: Christian vs. William Regal:

Well I have to give this one to William Regal. This wrestler makes everyone look good in the ring, and I think now its the time for him to get what he deserves. In this match, Christian will get really close to victory, but Regal will do his comeback and win the title.

For the Unified Tag Team Championship: Big Show & Chris Jericho vs. Cryme Tyme:

A lot of people believe that its time for cryme to shine, but I believe that two great experienced wrestlers like Big Show and Jericho will win this one. Of course, Cryme Tyme will make the current champions have a tough time before they win. I think that the Big Show will do a double chokeslam to get the victory for his team.

The Great Khali vs. Kane:

Two monsters face off against each other. This seems unpredictable, but I will go with Khali. I believe that the pujabi prison monster is too much for the big red machine to handle. Your winner: The Great Khali!!

Intercontinental Title: Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Zigler:

Dolph Ziggler is a very talented wrestler that will soon be something great, but I truly believe that Mysterio will win this one due to his experience. I believe it will end with a 619 on Ziggler.

MVP vs. Jack Swagger:

This one is definitely gonna be good. MVP is more experienced, but Swagger is what we can call a beast. In this one, your winner is the all American American Jack Swagger!