Breaking News: Allen Iverson Heading To The Bobcats, Reuniting With Larry Brown

Dwayne MontellCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2009

Earlier this week Iverson said he is close to signing a deal. Larry Brown said he would be all in for adding Iverson to the Bobcats and would love to coach him. But he also stated that Iverson may not end up in Charlotte because they do not want to disrespect him with a low offer because they do not have as much money as the other teams chasing Iverson. But Brown may not have told the truth.

Yahoo Sports had the following report:

Officials with one of his endorsers, Reebok, have told league executives they believe Iverson will eventually sign with Brown in Charlotte. That’s been A.I.’s preference too.

So there you have it fans Iverson and Coach Brown will probably be reuniting, it just has to be made official. It could be tommorow, next week, or in training camp though. But Iverson is most likely headed to Charlotte. If this happeneds which it probably will Bobcats games are going to be real fun to watch.