Brandon Vera Just May Be Delusional After All

Joseph S.Contributor IAugust 21, 2009

Brandon Vera Just May Be Delusional After All

According to MMAFIX and a couple other various online sources I have seen on the web today. Brandon Vera has gone on the record stating that he plans to move to back to up to Heavyweight. Personally, I have always thought that it seemed like he did better when he fought Heavyweight anyways. 

So obviously that's not the reason I think he may actually be delusional. Apparently when he stated to some sources that he was moving back up to Heavyweight he also stated, "I’ll hold both belts, light heavyweight and heavyweight, and then I’ll call it a day. I’ll tell everybody I told you so, and I’ll just walk out and call it a day and be done with it."   

Please understand though I have nothing against someone being confident. The problem is when a guy who as of late hasn't been doing all that hot comes out and publicly states that will be holding both belts, it just starts seeming to me that he just might possibly be mentally insane.

So obviously it's either that or he is sadly one of the many fighters in the MMA world that suffers from a severely overinflated ego. I mean honestly is it just me or this guy starting to sound somewhat like Phil Baroni?

I sure seem to think so. But then again maybe I'm being just a bit to harsh.