Making a Meaningless Swap Works Out Amazin' For The Mets

Matt KellerContributor IIAugust 20, 2009

It's been something less than an ideal season in Flushing. That's what happens when you lose your All-Star centerfielder, shortstop, and your first baseman with a 127 OPS+. If that wasn't enough, David Wright was clocked in the noggin by a Matt Cain fastball.

He'll join the all-DL Softball squad with a concussion. By every definition in the dictionary this has been a nightmare season for this unfortunate ballclub. 

Not all has been mishaps and misfortune for these Mets—they have Jeff Francouer. Not just any Jeff Francouer, not the career .268/.309/.426 hitter; they've tapped into the magical reserve of the 'change of scenery' and from this mystical reservoir they have drawn the Francouer of bydone days.

The beloved Frenchy that set the Atlanta fan base on its ear with his stellar defense and a rocket arm, along with his propensity to drive in runs by the hundred. 

Francouer has been seemingly revitalized by his move north, stroking the ball to the tune of an .801 OPS, and a line drive percentage of 21 percent, which would make his rise in BABIP sustainable. His power has come back after a nearly two-year sabbatical with five homers in his short tenure with the Mets, after just 15 the last 230 games in Atlanta.

Along with these improvements in his offensive game, he brings defensive value with good range, a keen ability to track down flys, and an aforementioned strong arm that allows him to rack up outfield assists with the best of them, even if UZR isn't his friend right now. 

Is this the start of something good in New York? Mets fans (Francouer too) sure hope so—there hasn't been a whole lot to be happy about of late.