The Dark Horse Candidate For The Starting QB Position

Nick AverillContributor IAugust 20, 2009

As many of us witnessed last year the Michigan Wolverine offense had major problems last year and this is the year that Rich-Rod has to show he can fix it. The job is open and can be taken by any of the three candidates, Tate Forcier, Nick Sheridan, and Denard Robinson.

Tate or Nick seem to be the front runners for the position. But Denard possess one thing the others do not and that is his pure athletic ability.  Denard even though he plays quarterback maybe the fastest player on the team.  While that does not mean anything in football, his speed is essential to run the spread offense.  We all witnessed what happens when you try to run the spread without the proper players.

I would say that Denard is the closest to Pat White out of the three.  And White is one of the main reasons Rich-Rod is here today.  The downfall to White which maybe the same with Denard is his arm which at this point is an unknown factor right now.  Tate definitely had the upper hand enrolling early to practice in the spring.  But nobody can deny Robinson's athletic ability.  And if maybe the passing game takes a hit I would much rather have a better running attack since we the system we use is a running spread offense.

Rodriguez had his success with White as his quarterback and I would not object to Robinson starting over Forcier if he gives us that.  Not that I do not have confidence in Forcier to run the offense but i think we should not overlook Robinson just because Forcier enrolled early.  There is a reason why White was not drafted for his quarterback skills but for his athletic ability.