Now and Then: WWE The Bash 2009 and The Great American Bash 2008

Logan LohmanContributor IAugust 20, 2009

With the first article of Now and Then, I will be looking at The Bash 2009 and The Great American Bash 2008. What I will be doing is comparing the two and point out what is different and the same from one year ago and what direction they are headed now.

Results from WWE The Bash 2009:

Championship Scramble for the ECW World Title: Tommy Dreamer defeated Christian and Jack Swagger and Finlay and Mark Henry to retain the ECW World title.

WWE Intercontinental title vs Mysterio's mask match: Rey Mysterio defeated Chris Jericho to win the WWE Intercontinental title and retain his mask.

NO-DQ match: Dolph Ziggler defeated The Great Khali

Unified Tag Team Title 3-way match: Edge and Chris Jericho defeated The Colon Brothers and Legacy to win the Unified Tag Team titles.

WWE Womens title match: Michelle McCool defeated Melina to win the WWE Womens title.

World Heavyweight title match: Jeff Hardy defeated CM Punk by DQ. CM Punk retained the World Heavyweight title.

Grudge match: John Cena defeated The Miz

Three Stages of Hell match for the WWE Championship: Randy Orton defeated Triple H to retain the WWE Championship.

(Notes: Only Tommy Dreamer and Christian remain on ECW. Chris Jericho is one half of the Unified Tag Team Champions with the Big Show. The Colon Brothers are no longer a tag team. Triple H is back with DX.)

Results from The Great American Bash 2008:

WWE Tag Team Title 4-way: Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder defeated John Morrison and The Miz and Finlay and Hornswoggle and Jesse and Festus to win the WWE Tag Team titles.

WWE United States Title match: Shelton Benjamin defeated Matt Hardy to win the United States title.

ECW World Title match: Mark Henry defeated Tommy Dreamer to retain the ECW World title.

Grudge match: Chris Jericho defeated Shawn Michaels by referee stoppage.

WWE Divas Title match: Michelle McCool defeated Natalya Neidhart by submission to become first Divas Champion.

World Heavyweight Title match: World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk vs Batista ended in a No Contest when Kane interfered in the match.

New York City Parking Lot Brawl: JBL defeated John Cena

WWE Title match: Triple H defeated Edge to retain the WWE title.

(Notes: None of the four teams from the tag team match are tag teams now. WWE United States title is on Raw now, after the 2009 WWE Draft, which brought it over from Smackdown. Intercontinental title went to Raw in the same draft. Tommy Dreamer was still on his quest to capture the ECW title. Feud of the year Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho was still going strong. First time we saw the Divas title in action. JBL is currently not in the WWE. Edge is out with an injury.)

WWE The Bash 2009 vs The Great American Bash 2008


  • ECW Title was contested and had Mark Henry and Tommy Dreamer in the match both years. Each of them also came out the victors, Mark Henry in '08 and Tommy Dreamer in '09.
  • There was a tag team title match, a grudge match, World Heavyweight title match and a WWE Championship match both years.
  • CM Punk was in both World Heavyweight title matches and coming out with the title in both years. They were also both off of his cashing in the money in the bank. Both years CM Punk never actually won a match though.
  • Kane interfered in a match each year aswell. In the World Heavyweight title match in '08 and in the Dolph Ziggler vs The Great Khali in '09.
  • Michelle McCool won a championship both years.


  • United States title was contested in '08 and the Intercontinental title was contested in '09.
  • Dolph Ziggler was at the 2009 Bash but wasn't even on the main roster in '08.
  • HBK wasn't at the '09 Bash and Randy Orton wasn't at the '08 Bash.
  • Jeff Hardy wasn't in the '08 draft aswell.

Best Match: New York City Parking Lot Brawl, JBL vs John Cena from The Great American Bash 08.

Worst Match: ECW World Title match, Mark Henry vs Tommy Dreamer from The Great American Bash '08.

Overall Better Pay-Per-View: The Great American Bash 2008

(Next edition of Now and Then will be featuring Hard Justice 2008 and Hard Justice 2009.)