Being a Philly Sports Fan Keeps Getting Harder and Harder

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Being a Philly Sports Fan Keeps Getting Harder and Harder

Kermit was right; it ain't easy being green.

It also ain't too easy being orange.

Or red.

Or whatever color the Philadelphia 76ers are wearing this year.

For those who didn't grow up Philadelphia, this may be hard to understand, so bear with me.

You see, I made a horrible mistake once when I was an impressionable lad of six-years-old. My father took me to Modells and said I could pick out any baseball cap I wanted.

Excited, I grabbed a dark blue baseball cap with a large "A" embroidered on the front. His reaction was...priceless.

"The Braves??? The Atlanta Braves?? What is your mother teaching you???"

Mind you, I didn't know it was a Braves' cap.

Blue was my favorite color at the time, and it was pure ego that made me want a cap with the initial of my first name on the front.

But needless to say, the lesson was learned:

P-H-I 'til I die.

Nowadays though, being a Philly sports fan ain't a ride through Fairmont Park. In fact, it's hard work.

And even the most staunch supporter can, on occasion, find it difficult...

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