The Problem with Toronto's Professional Sports Teams

Louis PisanoAnalyst IAugust 20, 2009

391776 01: (FILE PHOTO) The CN Tower and the Skydome highlight the Toronto skyline in his undated file photo. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) meets in Moscow July 13, 2001 to decide between front runners Beijing, Paris and Toronto for the site of the 2008 summer Olympics. (Photo by Carlo Allegri/Getty Images)

The first team on any Toronto sports fans mind is the Toronto Maple Leafs, and as we all know they haven't won Lord Stanley's cup since 1967.

There were a few years, back in the days, where they actually had a chance, but it seems to me every time they got close, the fans and the media are so critical of every little stupid thing, that the players can barely scratch their own nuts without someone crying bloody murder!

This problem has just escalated as the corporate dollar has become the only one that seems to be able to purchase a ticket in the metropolis of Toronto. You can apply the same theory to the Raptors who can't seem to keep a star player past their first big contract, we've seen it with Mighty Mouse Damon Stoudamire, Marcus Camby, Tracy McGrady, and of course Wince Carter, who's a puke anyhow.

But none of them wanted to stay here because everyone was on their asses, thinking they may be the Messiah when they got here, and then when perhaps they weren't perfect one night, people turned on them like a Judas! Is the next one on this list going to be Bosh perhaps, chance!

The only teams that seem to be able to win anything are the ones that have the younger fans and the cheap in point...Argo's, Rock, and the Blue Jays. Why do these teams win championships...because anyone can get a ticket and the support for the team is felt through the contingency of fans that get out to the games and cheer!

While watching the Leafs and the Raps, it's so rare to hear the fans cheer with any sort of enthusiasm because the crowd is so full of people that don't give a shit about the sport, but more so care about having the tickets and being able to say they were at the game and making "an appearance" so to speak.

It's just like a high school 9ers party where a couple of the older cool kids show up for awhile, drink their booze, and leave to go to a real party, but those 9ers talk about how the "cool guys" showed up at their party.   

I haven’t touched on the Toronto FC but because of the diversity of nationalities in the city and the world wide appreciation of the game, the stadium will be packed with raving beer drinking hooligans for as long as the city has a team, I would figure. They are too young of a league and a franchise to really harp on, yet.

But I’m sure if they don’t produce a winning product the fans and media will eventually jump down their throats as well!

In so many other cities around North America and Europe no matter how poorly the teams play, their fans seem to support them. The Oakland Raiders for example, always have the wild fans done up in a “road warrior” type battle gear adorned with skulls and spikes and cheer like maniacs even though the team sucks!

Any English soccer game no matter what division show fierce support for their home team and are most of the time willing to fight for them no matter how brutal the team is.

Where is that feeling of home town support here? Toronto needs to learn to have some pride and show some support for their teams whether or not they win or lose! Perhaps if Toronto as a city pulled together behind their teams, they might just win! Let’s GO TO get on the ball, or puck for that matter!