Spygate's Matt Walsh: "Whine, Whine, Whine"

Kale TunnessenContributor IMay 17, 2008

I could watch the clip of Bill Belichick responding to questions about Matt Walsh during his CBS interview until my eyes bleed. I think it's hilarious.

I still have no idea what Belichick says, because all I hear is "I am a genius. I have won more Super Bowls than Matt Walsh will probably ever attend. And no matter what he claims our intent to be. He can't prove anything, which only further cements the fact that I am so much smarter than everyone else."

I just wish Walsh would realize this. Maybe he does; maybe he knows he's not getting anywhere and he just wants his 15 minutes. Either way, he sounds like that kid in third grade who reports everyone's wrongdoings because no one will hang out with him.

Enough is enough. Belichick is a genius; Matt Walsh is a baby; and I'm not sure what that makes Sen. Arlen Specter, other than embarrassing.

What I do know is that we are not going to learn anything new about spygate. But if people like Matt Walsh and Arlen Specter are going to let us laugh at their stupidity, it will be entertaining nonetheless.