Me and My Cricket Craze

Vishrut AggarwalCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2009

"Nitya! I want to watch a movie!"


"No! I am watching the match right now and it will not end until midnight. I have not gone to office only because of this, so no movie today."


This was the conversation between me and my mother. She was crazy about cricket and I always hated cricket. I never enjoyed it and wanted to watch movies. But she never let me watch anything when the match was on.


I was only four and my mother always overruled me. But times have changed and so have we.


Today I am crazy about cricket and watching cricket all the time, my mother on the other hand is not so crazy and does her work even when the match is on.


The proof is the photo staring at you. Yes you are right! That is me.


I play cricket and also watch cricket. My brother and fellow writer Dann Khan introduced me to this site and for the first time in my life I have started writing on cricket. Thank you Dann.


This is my 50th article and I wanted it to be something special.


My fellow writer Rocky Getters also wrote a really special 50th article and I was very impressed with it. He wrote about himself and I got inspired by him and wrote this article. Thank you Rocky.


My parents' office has a small backyard. I sometimes go there and play cricket with the staff of the office. Sometimes we go to the park also.


I am mainly a batsman. I also bowl but not very well. I have never taken training for cricket. But I am a good cricketer.


My mother always told me a real story about me. When I was two years old I went with my mother to a cricketer's house. I was only a baby, and I slapped him. He laughed and said that I will play really good cricket when I grow up. Well this statement turned out to be true.


My uncle Ashwin was a club cricketer and has met many famous cricketers. He was also in the Ranji camp but he left the camp because he thought he should start working.


I am not a great cricketer. I have played cricket only with a tennis ball. I was never trained to be a cricketer, though my family urged me to learn cricket. But a lazy boy like me never listened to them.


But I always loved cricket and I play "kid cricket" and play it really well. I am happy that I can at least play some sort of cricket and whether I admit it or not, I am a good cricket writer and a good cricket judge and as I end this article I would like to thank Bleacher Report members who have given me respect and recognition as a cricket writer.


I am thankful to all my fellow writers who have given me POTDs, comments and helped me to be one of the top five writers.Thank you very much.