Wwe Vs Tna : A Dream I Hope Comes True

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2009

a ppv we would all love to see would be tna vs wwe. in my article below you will see the matches i would love to see. 

match no.1:

chris sabin vs chris jericho: this one would have been a great match with two awesome wrestlers. i believe that chris sabin is great but chris jericho is.... chris jericho so heres your winner the y2j chris jericho!!!!

match no.2: 

aj styles vs rey mysterio: this would have been the battle of highflyers. i really don't know what to say about it. aj styles is a great highflyer but he is not so experienced that he can take down someone like mysterio. i think it would end with rey mysterio doing his second 619 and taking the victory!!.

match no.3: 

the hardyz vs team 3-D: this would have been  a battle of two great tag teams but i believe that the dudlez have been a tag team for a lot of team with no problems while the hardys had a great feud. so i got to give this one to TNA. your winners: team 3-D

match no.4: 

jeff jaret vs c.m punk: well this one would have been great. i really love cm punk but jeff jaret is a better wrestler. your winner is jeff jaret!!!

match no.5:

edge vs christian cage: edge and christian  are former tag team partners so it would be great so them fight against each other. this fight would have been huge and both superstars would have been exhausted. but at the end we would have christian   being exhausted at the corner of the ring and edge doing his aweosme spear and getting the victory.

match no.6:

abyss vs kane (inferno match):  the battle of monsters sounds cool but the battle of two monsters in a inferno match would have been even better. this match would have both wrestlers bleeding and at the end kane would have chokeslamed kane in the fire!

match no.7:

voodo kin mafia vs cryme tyme: well... prepare for the battle of the cryme and the mafia. both teams would use all the tricks and cheats they could do but at the end i think voodo kin mafia would get the victory.

match no.8: 

sting vs undertaker ( corpse match): a lot of people have got this idea but i got something speacial in my mind. the sting would have been ready to put the undertaker in the corpse but then kane would have came out of the corpse to ckokeslam the sting . then the undertaker would have got back on his feet to do a tombstone piledriver to sting and put him in the corpse after that with a last-ride.

match no9:

kurt angle vs randy orton: this two have met each other before so it would be a nice match. randy orton is for sure an awesome wrestler but kurt angle is better. this match would end by kurt angle reversing an rko into an angle-lock in a strange way.

match no 10:

the main event: a 5 vs 5 elimanation match: 

team wwe: shawn michaels, randy orton, rey mysterio, chris jericho, batista

team tna:  kurt angle, aj styles, d-von, bubba rey, jeff jaret.

well ill let this one on you who do you believe would win ??? vote!!