Does Vick Deserves A Second Chance?

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Does Vick Deserves A Second Chance?
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I believe Vick, age 29, deserve a second chance. Especially in a great country called the United States. A country which was built on plenty of values, which forgiveness is one

. I understand the extent of his crime which was terrible and degrading for himself and animal lovers, but to say he doesn't deserve a second chance is just ridiculous in my opinion.

Trust me, I don't accept dog fighting or financing dog fighting in any shape or form. But I do believe in forgiveness and redemption. Do I believe Vick is sorry for what he done, only time will tell.

. You got to take a look at what Michael Vick loss for participating in this crime. First he loss respect and dignity from his family, not to mention his fans to. He loss over $100 million dollars, geez! that's bunch of money. Served time in federal prison, also he is a convicted felon

. I understand some animal cruelty organizations want to see Michael Vick suffer, but who are we to judge Vick on a mistake that he regrets?

I know if my son made a mistake, I would like for him to have a opportunity at receiving a second chance.

Vick committed a serious crime and served his time. How much can you punish a person? I really hope Vick changed , and is dedicated to getting his life back on track. But for now let's just welcome Vick a second chance and hope he become a better person off the field.

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