It's a Done Deal: Miller Signs

Justin HulseyCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2009

This afternoon, the Cardinals held a press conference to announce the signing of first round draft pick Shelby Miller.

Miller was taken 19th overall in this years draft but had until 11:00 pm (CT) tonight (Monday, August 17) to sign.

Miller signed for a $2.875 million bonus; a franchise record for a high school player. The righthander from Texas was reportedly “demanding” $4 million after the Cardinals gave $3.1 million to 16 year old Wagner Mateo.

Without even playing a pro game, the flame-thrower from Brownwood High finds himself high up the prospects list already…and will likely climb quickly.

The club has always seemed to prefer collegiate players over high schoolers, yet the team spent $6 million on teenagers this summer.

There is no word on when/where Miller will begin his road to the majors.

Miller had accepted a scholarship to attend Texas A&M before the draft, and intially said he had “no problem” with going to college before being a big leaguer.

His options:

Sign with the second most decorated baseball team of all time for nearly $3 million.
Play for Texas A&M and not make a dime.

Yeah, I can see his hesitation.

- Jay -