Top 10: Stories That Would Overshadow Favre's Comeback

Lizz Robbins@Lizzs_LockeroomContributor IAugust 19, 2009

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN - AUGUST 18: Brett Favre talks with the media after his first practice with the Minnesota Vikings on August 18, 2009 at Winter Park in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  (Photo by Scott A. Schneider/Getty Images)

#10 Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins a NASCAR race

#9 Big Ben's accuser admits she was lying

#8 Allen Iverson giving a speech about the importance of practice

#7 Kobe Bryant announcing he's way better than MJ

#6 A Tim Tebow Sex Tape gets leaked

#5 Rick Pitino gets fired based on lack of morality

#4 Shaq guarantees he won't miss free throw next season

#3 Tiger Woods admits he's in a slump

#2 Tom Brady gets another supermodel pregnant



Honorable Mentions:


  • Jose Canseco plays catch with Mark McGwire
  • Michael Jordan picks Kwame Brown to be his Hall of Fame induction speaker
  • Charles Barkley vows not to talk for an entire year
  • Tyson vs Douglas part 2
  • Peyton Manning turns down a commercial
  • Joe Gibbs comes out of retirement to coach the Cowboys
  • Michael Jordan signs endorsement deal with Reebok
  • Tony Romo retires from football to join PGA tour
  • William Hungs sings national anthem at the Superbowl
  • Bill Belichick becomes cameraman for the NY Jets